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Silver Street Capital has nearly 40 years of acquisition and management experience in industrial, retail, boutique office, land, and multi-family renovations and repositioning.  We are actively looking for strategic properties in growing submarkets across Texas.  We are value add buyers with an orientation to long term improvements and holds. We look for core holdings or near-core holdings that are on the edge of markets that are beginning to renew.  Our patient approach to investing and developing is the hallmark of our generational mindset.  We are growth oriented and active buyers today.


We seek class B & C properties in the urban or near urban cores of Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Ft. Worth, TX.  We desire value-added, multi-tenant opportunities.  Location is key and the ability to enhance tenant mix with quasi retail use.  Underlying real estate priced at a discount to current construction and useable.


  • Multi-tenant in well occupied submarkets with an eye toward nonprofessionally managed properties where leasing can add value and rate increases. Renovations and repositioning are key for acquisition

  • Trade area with high density and some townhouse development starting

  • Flex Office or Service type properties

  • Covered land play preference

  • Located off major streets and close to highways


We seek class B & C properties in the urban or near urban cores of Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Ft. Worth, TX.  Community retail centers and well-located strip centers with high traffic counts of +23,000 VPD.  Value-added, multi-tenant centers or individual stand-alone buildings with retail use.


  • Multi-tenant centers in newly changing submarkets with at least 150,000 minimum population in trade area. Community, neighborhood, and infill retail necessary centers from 3,000 to 100,000 SF

  • Single tenant locations from 2,000 to 5,000 SF with abundance of parking in urban core locations

  • Preference for lighted corner centers


We seek class B & C properties along highly trafficked streets in areas with strong needs for services, medical, and small office.  Our focus is on urban core small buildings that are under leased or high vacancy.  Asset location is key to our underwriting and the cost compared to improvements.


  • Multi-tenant offices in newly changing submarkets with at least 1,000,000 minimum population in trade area

  • Properties where we can add value through lease-up, renovations, and adding amenities

  • Change in use options will be considered


Class C and D properties in urban core or near urban core areas that are undergoing renewal of the submarket.  Good to strong schools and access to service jobs and major office submarkets.  We are looking for projects that need renovations and upgrades.  We prefer submarkets with a high amenity base and projects that have not been professional managed or under capitalized.


  • Fourplexes to 100-unit complexes in urban or near urban cores with good schools and access to urban retail and parks

  • Trade area with a population of 1,000,000

  • Located near bike paths or bus stops

  • Ability to purchase additional projects adjoining to amass additional land


We will consider tracts that need entitlements in the path of growth or urban tracts with income producing potential.  Minimum of 30,000 SF up for core properties to suburban tracts up to 1,500 acres.  No floodway or 100-year flood zone properties.


  • Covered land plays in urban core

  • Suburban tracts that need entitlements along major thoroughfares

  • Lit intersections or traffic lights for entrance are key

  • Mature or up-and-coming markets

  • Densely populated areas with high residential growth or housing starts

GEOGRAPHIC AREAS: Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and San Marcos

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